This is me. Addicted to history and what it means to my family. Just the though of walking on the very ground the ancestors walked on is intriguing. Let the adventure begin…..

July 2013… Scotland

Many things to see and do, but top two spots on the bucket list this trip…..

Burntisland. Home to the Millar Family who came to PEI, Canada. The family operated the tidal mill or Seamill. All but a couple of small out buildings remain. The village offers historical guided tours. Signed up and ready to go!

Iona. Tiny island off the coast of Mull. The McInnis family were crofters or sheepherders, cleared out when the landlords realized it would be easier to hire a few shepherds, than try to collect rent from pour tenants. The island is know as the birthplace of Christianity in the British Isles, a very special place. The McInnis family landed in Lochaber, Quebec with many others from Mull whose descendants still reside in the area. Going to find a home for a small Canadian flag somewhere on Iona.

Can’t wait to get started!


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