Day Thirteen

This morning, the sun is out, its gloriously warm and Stirling is looking wonderful. After a hearty Scottish breakfast, what more could you ask for than a 3 mile hike up to the Wallace Monument that looms over this city, like a silent watchman.

A stroll over the famous Stirling Bridge, scene to so many battles of legend and up a hill, of course, takes you to the visitor center at the base of the monument. Once up to the structure itself, pause for a bit to take in the view down over the city and across to the Castle. It could not have been a better day for this visit.

The Monument itself is quite the imposing structure. Very tall,& majestic. There are four levels, each telling not only the tale of William Wallace, but honouring other heroes from Scotland past. 243 small steps up around, and around, and around. The exhibits are thought provoking – the period of time something I will want to review because its long forgotten from my days of high school history. Very moving.

The last stop at the top of the monument makes it all worth while. Stunning scenery, a view of the winding river that snakes its way through Stirling, the source of centuries of battles. The hills giving way to the lowlands, both historic and modern buildings existing together without effort. There is a sense of peace, something Wallace was fighting for, would have been happy to know finally came to be.

After a bus ride back into the city, there was a short stop in a local in time to get caught up in the excitement of the British Lions win over the Aussies. These Scots do love their sport. Then back to Edinburgh, last stroll around the old town. There is a special treat at the hotel – Hendricks G&T. Somehow fitting for a final night is Scotland.

This is it. Heading home tomorrow am, reality rushing back by Monday. It’s been fun! Thanks for following along. Cheers!

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