Day Eleven

Inverness, while a pretty city, has some great walking space, but unless you have a car, or wish to pay to take tours outside the city, it is limited for things to see and do. It was fun to pop into a cemetery, not to find anyone in particular, but to read the stones. They are like mini novels, listing professions, personalities and other life bits along with the usual names and dates. Quite fascinating really.

There is a really interesting old market that once was probably a true “market”, but today only a few food venders still exist. It’s mostly tourist type shops and a couple of places… who knows who buys from them. The fish monger was very interesting, great selection of salmon and other game.

So there it was. Noon. Train doesn’t leave until 5:30… What to do? Well, it was a beautiful sunny day, there was a patio and water. Three guesses, first two don’t count. It turned into a very lazy day. Had a great chat with some locals, one was supposed to be at a funeral, they had never been further than Edinburgh, and didn’t know a lot about Canada, but great to talk to if you could understand the brogue. Thing is, they are not the ones with the accent over here! There was also a Bollywood film being shot on the footbridge that was amusing to watch in action.

The train from Inverness to Stirling takes you through the heather covered mountains, into lush farmland. The sheep are much more orderly closer to Perth – penned into proper fields, now wandering wherever, it’s like order is restored.

So, next stop Stirling. The hotel was built in 1785. Very cool loft room with views of the historical district. Internet only in the bar, it’s a plot. Cant wait to get out there tomorrow and explore. Stirling looks like a cool place. Lots of Mel Gibson vibes, a great place to take in on the great Scottish adventure.


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